Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Savers Veterans Day Sale TODAY!

Today is Savers Veterans Day sale! Every used item is half off. 8am-9pm!

Here are 10 shopping tips for shopping at savers and other thrift stores. (taken directly from savers website Savers.com)

Top 10 Thrift Shopping Tips:

  1. Dress to try things on quickly and easily, especially during busy sale days. Slip-on shoes, minimal layers, and thin, fitted undershirts are good options. A great tip for pants is to wrap the waistband around the neck - if the ends touch comfortably, they will more than likely fit.
  2. Try things on and don't rely on tag sizes, because the clothing could have shrunk in the wash.
  3. Look in multiple departments. A kid's large will sometimes fit, and girls can look for blazers and other pieces in the boy's department. Also, for accessories like belts and hats, check both the men's and women's departments which tend to have crossover items.
  4. Look for good basic shapes and quality fabric, as dye can restore faded clothing to its original richness or change the color entirely. Need a black turtleneck? Pick up a white one and a box of black dye for a new-to-you basic.
  5. Don't miss out on great shoes, which could easily be re-soled or re-heeled.
  6. Stock up on inexpensive secondhand staples. Jeans, coats, turtlenecks, and sweaters are easily found in like-new condition.
  7. Use slightly worn clothes and shoes as inspiring canvases to create personalized, "reconstructed" fashions. Bleach pens, paints, fabric scraps and beads are all good materials to create new fashions.
  8. Check for holes, including the back of collars and sleeve seams. But remember, many nicks and spots are easily covered with fun appliqu├ęs and patches.
  9. Shop early and often and keep an eye out for specials. Our stores often have Manager's Specials and other savings events, so keep an eye out for promotional signage when you are in the store. Also, sign up for our free E-newsletter to be alerted early to special sales and discounts.
  10. Stay open-minded. With more than 5,000 refreshed items hitting the shelves daily, shopping our stores is a predictably unpredictable adventure!
Their website was pretty interesting. I was impressed.